Scooter Parking

Posted on Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Make your own scooter parking! 

My garage is a big mess come summer time.  I had a crazy idea to organize it this spring and give everything its own place and then maybe…. Just maybe the kids would put things where they belong.

I saw this cool idea on Pinterest for scooter parking, and I had to give it a shot.

Here is what I did…

I am not going to go into great details on what I did, not cut this piece exactly 27.25 inches long or anything, just a bunch of pictures and some basic guidelines.

First, the only reason this works is the bottom of your average scooter is flat.   Basically I am cutting some holes for the wheels to go through so the rest of the scooter can lay flat.

I used 1"x3"x8' wood pieces I bought 4 to make both these parking spots… .OK I really bought 3 then had to go back to the store midway through the work to buy another one.

For my bigger parking spot I cut the pieces 42" long for the side and 26" for the width.

Here's how I arranged them.

I used 1-1/4" screws to attach it all together.

I drilled and countersunk everything.

Here it is built together.

I had some piece of plywood laying around that were big enough, so I outlined it and cut a piece to the correct size.

Drilled and countersunk.

Cut the holes for the wheels.

I first measured and cut the back wheel for each scooter, then I put the scooter on the board with the back wheel in the hole, so I could better mark the front wheel.  Then I cut the hole for the front wheel.

And they all fit.

Here is both the parking spots I made.

I sanded them down

I painted them white.  OK my wife painted them white, but I helped!

Painting them!

Then we unleashed the children with a bunch of acrylic paint.


And now every scooter has a place!

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